mardi 21 avril 2015

Can't create column of type double when making a shapefile

// My type
val typeBuilder = new SimpleFeatureTypeBuilder()
typeBuilder.add("value", classOf[Double])
typeBuilder.add("seg", classOf[LineString])
val sft = typeBuilder.buildFeatureType()

// Trying to create a shapefile of this type
val dataStoreFactory = new ShapefileDataStoreFactory()
val shp = new File("/tmp/collection.shp")
val params = scala.collection.Map[String, Serializable]("url" -> shp.toURI.toURL,
  "create spatial index" -> true
val shpDS = dataStoreFactory.createNewDataStore(params.asJava).asInstanceOf[ShapefileDataStore]

The above code fails with: Unable to write column value : double

I'm using scala version 2.10.4 and geotools version 11.2

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