mardi 21 avril 2015

Formatting the join rdd - Apache Spark

I have two key value pair RDD, I join the two rdd's and I saveastext file, here is the code:

val enKeyValuePair1 = => (line(8) -> (line(0),line(4),line(10),line(5),line(6),line(14),line(1),line(9),line(12),line(13),line(3),line(15),line(7),line(16),line(2),line(14))))

val enKeyValuePair = => (line(0) -> (line(2),line(3))))

val final_res = enKeyValuePair1.leftOuterJoin(enKeyValuePair)

val output = final_res.saveAsTextFile("C:/out")

my output is as follows:

How can i get rid of all the parenthesis? I want my output as follows:


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