mardi 21 avril 2015

Num of actor instance

I'm new to akka-actor and confused with some problems:

  1. when I create an actorSystem, and use actorOf(Props(classOf[AX], ...)) to create actor in main method, how many instances are there for my actor AX?
  2. If the answer to Q1 was just one, does this mean whatever data-structure I created in the AX actor class's definition will only appear in one thread and I should not concern about concurrency problems?
  3. What if one of my actor's action (one case in receive method) is a time consuming task and would take quite long time to finish? Will my single Actor instance not responding until it finish that task?
  4. If the answer to Q3 is right, what I am supposed to do to prevent my actor from not responding? Should I start another thread and send another message back to it until finish the task? Is there a best practice there I should follow?

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