mardi 21 avril 2015

Play Scala Anorm dynamic SQL for UPDATE query

My Google-fu is letting me down, so I'm hoping you can help

I'm building some webservices is the play framework using scala and anorm for database access

One of my calls is to update an existing row in a database - i.e run a query like

UPDATE [Clerks]
   SET [firstName] = {firstName}
  ,[lastName] = {lastName}
  ,[login] = {login}
  ,[password] = {password}
 WHERE [id] = {id}

My method receives a clerk object BUT all the parameters are optional (except the id of course) as they may only wish to update a single column of the row like so

UPDATE [Clerks]
   SET [firstName] = {firstName}
 WHERE [id] = {id}

So I want the method to check which clerk params are defined and build the 'SET' part of the update statement accordingly

It seems like there should be a better way than to go through each param of the clerk object, check if it is defined and build the query string - but I've been unable to find anything on the topic so far.

Does anyone have any suggestions how this is best handled

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