lundi 20 avril 2015

scala: Referencing Trait with F-Bound Parameters

I am designing a F-Bound data type, and have a working companion object. I would like to reference this companion object from the trait itself, but I can't get the types right.

trait A[AA <: A[AA]] {
  self =>
  val data: String
case class A1(data : String) extends A[A1]

trait B[BB <: B[BB, AA], AA <: A[AA]] {
  self: BB =>
  val content: AA
  def companion: BComp[BB, AA]  // What is the correct type?
  def companion2: BComp2[BB, AA] // What is the correct type?
trait BComp[BB[X <: BB[X, AA], Y <: AA[Y]], AA[Y <: AA[Y]]]

trait BComp2[BB[X <: AA[X]], AA[X <: AA[X]]]

case class BInst[AA <: A[AA]](content: AA) extends B[BInst[AA], AA] {
  def companion = BInst
  def companion2 = BInst2

object BInst extends BComp[B, A]
object BInst2 extends BComp2[BInst, A]

A working solution for either companion or companion2 would suffice, although a general hint on how to construct these type signatures would be useful.

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